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Why Choose a Climate-Controlled Facility for Storage
While climate-controlled units might be a bit more expensive, those who are interested in renting Self Storage Units are going to want to consider paying the extra each month to ensure their items are safe. Renters will want to carefully consider what they're putting in the storage unit to ensure the items they store can be kept in the storage unit as long as needed without suffering any issues.

Furniture and Decor

Funiture and home decor items are some of the most common items to store in a storage unit. Whether the homeowner doesn't want to get rid of something they cannot store right now or they're planning on moving, they're going to need a safe place to keep these items. The issue is, most furniture and home decor items aren't designed to be in the heat for long periods of time. They're designed to be kept indoors where the climate is more stable. The climate-controlled Self Storage Units in Pompano Beach FL can help protect furniture and home decor from the heat.


Electronics should never be stored where they're exposed to high heat. This can damage the internal components and cause them to work incorrectly when they're brought out of storage again. If storage bronx ny to be stored, any batteries should be removed and they should be kept in a storage facility that is climate controlled so they aren't exposed to the heat. This will help protect them no matter how long they're stored. storage facilities bronx ny in Pompano Beach FL can provide further instruction on how to safely store electronics.

Photos and Antiques

Old photographs and antiques may be stored in a storage unit to keep them safe until they can be passed down to another family member. However, they aren't going to be safe if they're in a standard storage unit because of the heat. Instead, they should only be kept in a climate-controlled unit to prevent warping, photos sticking together, and other issues. storage bronx ny will help ensure they are as safe as possible and will still be in great shape when they're ready to be moved to another location.

If you're planning on renting one of the Storage Units in Pompano Beach FL, take a look at what's available today and be sure to check into the climate-controlled units if you're planning on storing anything that shouldn't be exposed to high heat or humidity. Take a look at the facility's website now to learn more about the climate-controlled units that are available.

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